Our Approach

The host, Elias Martinez, dives into the stories behind rising or established companies involved with CEA.

Launched in September 2018, the interview-driven podcast focuses on the early and often difficult years of building a CEA business from the ground up.

In the show, we interview and collect inspiring stories from the entrepreneurs and leaders, involved with the Controlled Environment Agriculture movement. Additionally, It will not just be about interviewing prominent business owners in the CEA field, but to also truthfully document the host's successes and failures as a CEA CEO.

We will hear from Farmers, Engineers, Manufacturers, Consultants, Retailers, Professors and more as they tell us stories of the ups and downs they have faced while developing their businesses. Our aim is to motivate and educate future entrepreneurs seeking to create a business which feed the industry and the community.

Our Story

Born out of curiosity, this podcast attempts to gain understanding and clarity in the world of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).

The Host


Elias Martinez

Founder & CEO

I own and operate Kubed Root, an Urban Farm Microgreenery based in Buffalo, NY.

As the host of the show, I will attempt to make sense of my journey in Indoor Agriculture by interviewing professionals and documenting my successes and failures.

Next Steps...

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